Getting regular data on your horse’s movement can really help improve its wellness. These days horses are trained very intensively, which can lead to various physical problems. These injuries are often detected too late, resulting in veterinary clinic visits that could have been avoided. Horseteq helps to detect early signs of lameness or back problems, allowing you to adjust your horse’s training if necessary or give it more time to rest and recover.

Not all injuries can be avoided, however, and sometimes only a veterinarian can help. Until now there has been no way to accurately track a horse’s rehabilitation, but Horseteq now makes it possible to easily monitor the recovery process daily. The tracking information can also be shared with the veterinarian thus reducing the need to travel far from the home stable.

Preventing injuries is not only good news for your horse, it also saves you a lot of money.


When a sports horse is under heavy training, monitoring its movement can help make sure it is making progress according to the set training programme. Also, possible abnormalities in its performance can be detected early and its training can be adjusted accordingly, for example with easier exercise or rest.

On the other hand, if the horse is making good progress, its training can resume according to plan or it can even be made more intensive in order for the horse to reach its set goals quicker. Horseteq makes this kind of monitoring an easy part of your everyday training routine at the home stable.