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Invaluable insight into your horse’s
wellness and performance – effortlessly.

Three Reasons to Choose Horseteq

Truly Wearable Motion Analysis for Your Horse

Regular analysis of your horse’s movement provides insights and may reveal things that might otherwise go unnoticed. Horseteq’s wearable sensors provide important knowledge about your horse’s wellbeing and performance every day.

Information About Wellbeing and Performance

Horseteq enables you to analyse your horse’s gait and monitor its symmetry. It also gives access to information about your horse’s speed and heart rate*. This data is invaluable for making training plans and ensuring your horse’s wellbeing.

*Compatible with Polar Equine H3 heart rate sensor belt set

Remote Monitoring for Healthcare Professionals

Horseteq makes it possible to share your horse’s daily diagnostics with physiotherapists, veterinarians or other healthcare professionals. This means that any deviation from normal performance can be detected at an early stage, enabling action to be taken that can help prevent your horse from injury.


The More You Measure,
the More You Know

Using Horseteq’s sensors regularly gives you a baseline of your horse’s movement against which its current performance can be compared. This helps determine whether your horse is meeting its training targets. Having a better understanding of your horse can also help you decide whether or not your horse needs the help of medical professionals, resulting in fewer unnecessary visits to the veterinary clinic.

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A Unique Combination of Parameters

Our technology enables the following features of your horse’s gait to be measured:

  • Step length
  • Step rate
  • Strike impact
  • Swing time
  • Stance time
  • Symmetry
  • Leg speed
  • Heart rate

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